WWE Battleground Predictions and how I’d book it

By Travis Welch I’m back with another article about the seemingly endless WWE PPV’s that occur thanks to the brand split. This is getting especially underwhelming with the NJPW G1 tournament in full swing, but I’ll try to be as positive as I can, which is a tall order after looking at this card….. Tye […]

WWE Great Balls of Fire PPV Predictions and how I’d book it

Great Balls of Fire Predictions/how I’d book it Travis Welch @Travis_W_TWG Neville vs. Akira Tozawa (Cruiserweight Championship) – Kick-off I love the new heel Neville persona, a man that refuses to break kayfabe even on twitter. The build up to this match has been, strange, to say the least. The Titus brand gimmick is kind of […]

“New Era”, Same old shit

There’s a lot to dissect, and I don’t want to ramble so I’m gonna narrow down those complaints to the ones I find most pressing. See, I have this theory, I feel like Vince is seeing the lower ratings and blaming it on the pushing of indie favorites and non-conventional superstars