WWE Battleground Predictions and how I’d book it

By Travis Welch

I’m back with another article about the seemingly endless WWE PPV’s that occur thanks to the brand split. This is getting especially underwhelming with the NJPW G1 tournament in full swing, but I’ll try to be as positive as I can, which is a tall order after looking at this card…..


Tye Dillinger vs Aiden English

This match was announced during the go home show of Tuesdays Smacdown live…… on Twitter. They didn’t even give it air time. I’d expect a very underutilized Tye Dillinger to pick up an easy win and for Aiden English to continue his tantrums after losing.

Winner – Tye Dillinger

How I’d book it- I’d simply use this as a showcase for Dillinger. Let him easily dispatch of English while hitting all of his signature spots to get the crowd excited before the main show starts. Man Dillinger is being misused right now.



The Fashion Police vs ??? (maybe)

So it’s supposed to be revealed who messed up The Fashion Police office, which I honestly have no idea who the reveal will be. The Smackdown tag division is pretty thin as it is, unless it’s an NXT call up, your guess is as good as mine. I’m sure it’ll be underwhelming but entertaining. I’m a huge mark for The Fashion police segments.

How I’d book it- In my dream scenario it would be reDRagon (Kyle O’Reilly and Bobby Fish), but considering they just made their debuts at recent NXT tapings, it isn’t a possibility. I’d just focus less on the reveal and more on keeping them as entertaining and comical as possible.


Sami Zayn vs Mike Kanellis

Another case of the misused right now, Sami Zayn takes on Mike Kanellis for… reasons. I expect this to actually be a very decent match, both guys are great workers who are going to want to steal the show. I don’t know if they’ll be given enough time to do that, but I do fully expect these guys to make the most of what they are given. Maria will come in to play and probably be the catalyst for a Mike Kanellis win.

Winner- Mike Kanellis

How I’d book it- Seems like the simple way is the best way. Let Maria interfere or cause shenanigans to ensure a Mike Kanellis victory. I am not a fan of having Zayn lose another PPV match, but you need to protect the talent making his in ring debut. Plus it will get some nice heat from the crowd since Zayn is so over with everyone. He can always get it back down the road if the feud gets some momentum behind it and they keep it going.


Shinsuke Nakamura vs Baron Corbin

Full disclaimer first, I do not like Corbin at all. Not in the traditional heel way, in the more “X-pac heat” way. He’s wooden and the only decent thing he has is his finish.

That being said, I feel Nakamura has been poorly used so far, he should have been taking peoples heads off, which would make this more of a big fight feel. As it is I think this will be booked to protect both guys. Expect either a DQ or walk away count out in this one.

Winner- Nakamura by DQ or count out

How I’d book it- The king of strong style destroys Corbin in retaliation for the repeated attacks. I’d let it get so intense the ref admonishes him and Nakamura intimidates him too. Let the announcers play up his viciousness. I don’t care if Corbin is Mr. Money in the Bank, and not many other people do as well.


Women’s number 1 contender 5 way match

If you can’t decide what to do, just throw everyone in the same match, I guess. Scary that this is the entirety of the Women’s division (minus Naomi). I’m going with a dark horse in this one. Lana and Natalya are out, Lynch and Flair are Faces, so I think in something of a shocker, we’re going to see Tamina Snuka walk away as the number 1 contender and be Smackdowns equivalent to Nia Jax.

Winner- Tamina Snuka

How I’d book it- Tough to book these multi person matches, even tougher to describe it in written form. I’d just make sure that Lynch and Flair are protected, let Snuka pick up the win by pinning Lana.


Tag team championship match

The Usos vs The New Day

The Usos have reinvented themselves, and by reinvent I mean basically take what the Briscoes have been doing in ROH and adding more of a hip hop influence. The New Day meanwhile have lost a little steam do to Kofi’s injury. Those things being said the rap battle was surprisingly impressive, and TND always entertains no matter what, so both teams are doing well. I would really like to see the Usos come out with an entourage like they did at the rap battle. I don’t think it’s the right time to take the straps off of the Usos yet, so by nefarious means they will retain.

Winners- The Usos

How I’d book it-  During their heel run TND used the numbers advantage to get a leg up on their opponents, I’d flip that here and have the Usos use the same tactic. Have them coe out with a huge entourage, like at the rap battle, and let the local talent cause enough frustration to let the Usos sneak away with a win. this feud has legs, plus the new day is always over, so a loss now doesnt hurt them, but a win for the Usos helps with their legitimacy, plus it will draw some good heat if they cut promos about how they beat the all time longest reigning champs without acknowledging the interference.


John Cena vs Rusev

Flag match


We all know whats gonna happen, I’m not wasting time on this. Side note, 3 foreign anti-american heels on the same PPV. Damn its pretty cool living in the 80’s again….

Winner- Joooooooooooohhhhhhhhnnnnnnnn Cena

How I’d book it- Shock the world. Rusev wins clean after a slugfest. The stupid Russoesque stipulation helps no one. It’s not the worst gimmick on the show, but thats not saying much.


United States Championship match

AJ Styles vs Kevin Owens

This is the match that is most likely to be remembered, these two are the top of Smackdown, fighting over the mid card title. Reminiscent of the Austin/Rock feud over the IC title during the attitude era. A match that could be WWE MOTY candidate if given enough time, expect AJ to barely walk away after a barn burner.

Winner-AJ Styles

How I’d book it- Time limit draw. It’s fresh in the mind of smarks thanks to Okada/Omega, but i think if they emphasize a 30 minute time limit during the introductions, then let them have an amazing 30 minute match ending with Owens amd AJ going at it as time runs out, you could set up an Iron man match for Summerslam.


WWE Championship match

Punjabi Prison rules

Jinder Mahal vs Randy Orton

Here we go folks, boring vs boring for the title that doesn’t matter. Jinder has creative control of his character, and Orton is an office favorite, yet none of that helps this match since it comes off as eating plain bread and rice vs plain rice and bread. The gimmick has never worked, no one cares about a “Punjabi prison” match, an the plethora of add ons to this one won’t help either. just cut bait WWE, there are so many guys who can carry the brand better than the mid carder you decided to put a rocket onto because it might help network subs.

Winner- Jinder Mahal

Loser- WWE fans

How I’d book it- no matter who wins, let Corbin cash in and win the title. Following his win, Nakamura makes a claim for it since he destroyed him at this PPV. Draw it out for a few months and crown Nakamura, in the mean time elevate AJ to main event status so we get AJ/ Nakamura for the WWE title. A mach people actually want to see.


Please share or like, comment how I’m an idiot, or what you would do.


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